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Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns fight it out.
Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns fight it out.(WWE)



WWE wrestlers are one of the most popular superstars around the world. Their popularity has no bounds as they are famous in several parts of the world. The likes of John Cena, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Roman Reigns, Triple H and Brock Lesnar are some of the names that even casual fans remember. Professional wrestling has been predominantly dominated by WWE and several of its top superstars enjoy popularity in all walks of life.

But what is the salary of your favourite WWE stars?

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WWE stars earn a handsome salary with Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns being the top earners. Triple H and Bill Goldberg do not wrestle regularly and are listed as part-timers but their salary trumps several of the top superstars today.

Lesnar is the top earner in WWE with a mind-boggling salary of $10million while Reigns has a base salary of $5 million. Among the full-time superstars, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and Braun Strowman are among the highest earners. Lynch comes into the sixth spot with a salary of $3.1 million and is the only female superstar in the top 10. Lesnar has topped the list for several years now despite being a part-timer in WWE.

Among the people in the backroom staff, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon get the maximum pay. Triple H and Stephanie earn $3.3million and $2 million from their executive role as well as appearing on TV as performers.

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So let’s look at the salaries of WWE superstars:-

1. Brock Lesnar – $10 million

2. Roman Reigns – $5 million

3. Randy Orton – $4.1 million

4. Seth Rollins – $4 million

5. Triple H – $3.3 million (includes executive pay)

6. Becky Lynch – $3.1 million

7. Bill Goldberg – $3 million

8. Shane McMahon – $2.1 million

9. Stephanie McMahon – $2 million (includes executive pay)

10. Braun Strowman – $1.9 million

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