UFC 249: Justin Gaethje halts the Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov storyline – other sports

Yash Bhati

Hindustan Times, Delhi

Justin Gaethje defeats Tony Ferguson.
Justin Gaethje defeats Tony Ferguson.(UFC)



‘Its time’

After a brief gap, UFC returned with a marquee event with two title fights on its main card. Dana White was adamant that he is going to hold an event during this coronavirus pandemic and he finally managed to accomplish that.

The main event of the card had two skilled lightweights Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje fighting it out for the interim championship. With Khabib Nurmagomedov locked out of the country, this fight determined who fights him next for the undisputed championship.

The first three rounds belonged to Gaethje as he dominated Ferguson with his punches and leg kicks. Gaethje kept on landing power punches on Ferguson but managed to evade most of Tony’s offence. It was thought that fourth round would be the round where Ferguson would come into his own but that also wasn’t to be. Gaethje continued to pound on the ‘Boogeyman’ and halted the Ferguson ‘hype’ train. Referee Herb Dean eventually stopped the fight in the fifth round after he deemed that Ferguson could not take any further damage.


It was an amazing performance for Gaethje and he is now set for a fight with Khabib for the undisputed championship. He even threw the interim championship and stated that he will wait for the real one.

As for Tony vs Khabib, that’s not happening anytime soon (or ever). The fight that was not to be.


‘Triple C’ Henry Cejudo defended his bantamweight title against the returning Dominick Cruz. Cejudo is an Olympic Gold Medallist, the UFC Flyweight Champion, and has again defended his bantamweight title against a legend of the sport in Cruz. He was dominating the former champion and when he landed a knee on Cruz’s face in the second round, it looked like the end was near. And it was. However, the decision to stop the fight might be argued as Cruz was trying to get up to his feet when the referee stopped the fight. But Cejudo landed a big surprise after the fight was over. He announced that he wants to retire from the sport with immediate effect. Cejudo has had a distinguished career and will always be remembered as one of the greatest ever.


Francis Ngannou was challenged by Jarzinho Rozenstruik for a fight. He obliged. Then he obliterated the ‘undefeated’ Rozenstruik in just 20 seconds. Ngannou waited for some seconds and then exploded with a serious of punches, one of them glancingly touched Rozenstruik but that was enough(generally the case with Ngannou). Game, set, match in 20 seconds and that too with the UFC Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier watching on the sidelines.


This was the reaction from Cormier when he saw the knockout.


This says it all about the fear of Ngannou.

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