‘That’s how bad this guy is,’ WWE Champion Drew McIntyre believes win over Brock Lesnar important to reach the top- EXCLUSIVE – other sports

Yash Bhati

Hindustan Times, Delhi

Brock Lesnar has been champion for most of the past 3 years.
Brock Lesnar has been champion for most of the past 3 years. (WWE)



Since the time he debuted in the WWE, it has been said that Drew McIntyre is a future world champion. Then McIntyre fulfilled a prophecy at WrestleMania 36 by winning the WWE Championship. It took him 12 long years to get to the top but it can certainly be said that ‘he deserved it. McIntyre was released from the WWE in 2014 but came back strongly in 2017 as he captured the NXT Championship. And now he has become the top champion in the biggest professional wrestling organisation in the world.

To reach the pinnacle, McIntyre had to overcome the ‘Conqueror’. McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar in quick fashion to win the championship and become the face of the organisation.

But how big a deal is beating Brock Lesnar in the WWE? The last 4 wrestlers to beat Lesnar were Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Goldberg, and McIntyre. They all became champions and were given extraordinary pushes. Although it is not said but Lesnar seems like the final frontier to reach the top in WWE. And McIntyre also agrees with the notion.

‘Yeah beating Brock Lesnar is a huge deal. There is no athlete in the world like Brock Lesnar. He is just a freak of nature and a former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, just because he felt like trying UFC not because he did it for his whole life. That’s how bad this guy is. If you beat Brock Lesnar then you are doing something right,” McIntyre said in an exclusive conversation with Hindustan Times.

“But the fact that I beat Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania and that too in five minutes and pretty much owned him in the build-up feels absolutely incredible to me. That’s something I’ll never forget. Something that set the tone for my title reign. The fact that I beat Brock and Big Show back to back.”


He is now set to face Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank as he defends his WWE Championship. Seth also used to be a fan favourite after beating Lesnar last year but things changed drastically later in 2019. Seth saw a backlash from the fans after some posts on Twitter. Then his win over ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt was the nail in the coffin.

Seth became enemy number one and soon changed his persona to the devious ‘Monday Night Messiah’. How McIntyre sees this change? He believes that fans finally saw through Rollins and didn’t believe a lot of things he was saying.

‘A lot of things went into Seth Rollins and his relationship with the fans changing slightly. I talked about on Raw this week and had a few observations for Seth. We are similar in a lot of ways, we love this industry, he works very hard. But he comes across as insincere sometimes. Back during his title run when he was talking about the fans and talking about how everyone helped him get there. I didn’t quite believe him when he was saying that stuff.

This is because Seth only loves people who can help him get ahead and the only person he loves in the world is himself. The fans can see through BS. And the fact that he has turned himself into the Messiah has proved my theory right. My point is that fans see through the nonsense. I have tried to be real. If you like it that’s cool and if you don’t then also it’s cool.”

There has been a lot more personality shown by McIntyre since the turn of the year. He is engaging more with the fans and having conversations with wrestlers and just being a lot more entertaining than his earlier ‘Scottish Psychopath’ persona. The Scotsman says that getting an opportunity to just be himself has led to a lot more success for him.

“It’s not a personality change, it is actually being myself. Like finally. Before I was just a big serious Scottish guy talking about eating carcasses. No human being talks that way. I was just a bad guy for good guys to wrestle. Eventually, I got the opportunity to be just myself, there was no particular moment when they said for me become face. I never started saving good people, I was just beating people up. I beat No Way Jose’s conga line and people cheered it. It has been a pretty good journey with fans getting behind me.”

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