Retired Mumbai umpires get financial help from Cricketers’ Foundation – other sports

Press Trust of India


Cricket stumps, bat and ball.
Cricket stumps, bat and ball.(Getty Images)



The Cricketers’ Foundation, a public trust, has extended help to 20 retired umpires from the metropolis, who have fallen in hard times due to the lockdown.

“To help mitigate some burden during the current tough times, the Trust has identified and disbursed an amount of Rs four lakh to 20 retired umpires,” said veteran cricket writer and Trust’s Chairman Makarand Waingankar in a statement issued here on Thursday.

“All the beneficiary umpires have expressed their gratitude to the trust and its patrons for this timely assistance. Each individual has received an amount of Rs.20,000 by direct transfer into their bank accounts,” added Waingankar.

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