‘Analysing past matches, online English courses keeping us busy’ – other sports

Manpreet Singh




Since this nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic began, our coaching staff is ensuring that we use this time off valuably.

They send us video clips of matches in the past and engage us in quizzes about those games. We also have to identify different patterns of play on the areas that we need to improve.

We have also been doing our online English courses that are interactive and engaging. So in that sense, we are learning something new every day.

While it was very disappointing that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games was postponed, we are looking at the positives and have already started to refocus on what else we can do and achieve ahead of the event in 2021.

While we are not playing high intensity hockey at the moment, we are undergoing a recovery phase with some light running, a lot of rest and some basic indoor workouts.

Even though our training also isn’t at a high intensity currently, I like to do some bodyweight training in my room. I also do some cardio workouts and at times, we (teammates) also challenge each other by shooting a video of our dribbling skills and things like that.

To keep myself engaged during the free time, I enjoy playing FIFA and Call of Duty (CoD) video games on my PlayStation and we end up listening to a lot of music. I have also been watching Netflix, where these days I am watching The Blacklist.

(As told to Sandip Sikdar)

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